The Quran Mentor

Provides you and your circle of relatives participants to learn quran with best pronunciation and know-how quran thru the wisdom and knowledge from our expert educated quran alim and hafiz-e-quran tutors. Our principal consciousness is helping human beings understand the qur’an. Quran is a guide to humanity which additionally includes you. When you consider that none folks want to be misguided, it is paramount not best to examine or recite quran, however to apprehend and apply it in our lives as well. Our instructors are tremendously stimulated and skilled with religious information. In coaching online quran, quran teaching with tajweed, quran recitation training of quranic education in arabic. Our instructor do there quality to offer best quran learning in the ideal way.

Why Us

  • More than 10 years of online tutoring experience.

  • Experienced and Qualified staff with valid Sanad.

  • Flexible timings matching your time zone.

  • Gender based one on one classes if required.

  • Special Classes for Hifz-ul- Quran

The Quran Mentor provided the following services

The quran Mentor presenting you and your family participants to research quran with ideal pronunciation and expertise quran via the know-how and know-how from our expert educated quran alim and hafiz-e-quran tutors.

Quran Learning for Kids:

“The world is changing rapidly and we are experiencing a technology boom. The central point in evolution of technology is mobile phone. Now you can easily make the time spent by your kids in front of mobile productive and make them learn Islam and about Quran. ”

Quran Learning for Adults:

The website will bring better understanding of the precise implications of Quran and its teachings. The Transliteration aspect supports in knowing about the right method of recital of the Quranic lines. This app could be used throughout the world without any restrictions of time and place.

MULTI Blessings of Qur'an gaining knowledge of and studying

The Quran Mentor.Com is an easy way for you and your children to examine the holy quran on line.

Al Quran

Fees & Packagesk

Learn Quran Online. Any Time. Any Where. Basic from Quaida to complete Quran learning


Basic Learn Quran Lessons. Quran Learning and Reading with Tajweed. Memorization of Holy Quran. Quran Translation classes in Arabic, Urdu & English. Holy Quran Recitation with Tafseer. Basic Islamic teachings, Prayers, Hadith's and Dua's. Learn Salaat (Namaz).


We have both male and female tutors. Qualified Hafiz-e-Quran and University graduates. In depth knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel. Command in basic Islamic teaching. Excellent command on learn Arabic, English & Urdu. Excellent knowledge of computer.


Learn Quran anytime from anywhere around the globe. Student cantered teaching. On demand class timings in most cases. Increases student interaction Convenient Home Quran learning. Quran teaching in English, Arabic, Urdu. 1 to 1 online Quran classes

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